108 Ebony Wood Beads with Turquoise Tassel

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Product Details

Drape your limbs in intention while seeking a calmer mind, spirit, and body with this handcrafted mala necklace. It's best used for prayer and meditation.

Your beads are made of black wood with twin turquoise stones, silver accent beads, and a turquoise tassel. There are exactly 108 beads in this necklace, representing the belief that there are 108 energy lines connecting to the heart and marking your path to enlightenment.

A Deeper Look:
Turquoise is considered the "Master Healer" stone. Many believed benefits of this stone include:
• Repair of spiritual injury, mental strife, and previous trauma
• Promotion of communication, resolving hostilities and arguments
• Gaining of wisdom
• Absorption of negative energies to protect the wearer

The turquoise tassel's strands delicately combine as one in the base, representing our connection to divine forces. It also symbolizes:
• Enlightenment
• Consciousness
• Universal life force or prana

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