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The Aligned and Balanced Deluxe Chakra Set

It’s easy to tell when your chakras or energies are way out whack: you might be feeling indecisive, sluggish or just off. This begs the question: “how to balance chakras?” The answer is simple: with crystals specific to each of your energy centers that will help regulate their flow and keep you feeling balanced, aligned and ready to take on anything the day will bring you.

With this deluxe chakra balancing set, you are equipped with the essential tools to get back into the flow of things at a fraction of the normal cost!

Get this bundle at $27.35 (a $54.70 value... you save 50% ($27.35)!)

Here’s what you’ll receive:

7 Chakra Stones Set with Pouch - 18.20 value!: Get back into alignments with these seven chakra stones that you can use while meditating, or place them on your nightstand to recharge as you rest. Stones include red jasper (balances root chakra), cornelian (balances sacral chakra), yellow jade (balances solar plexus chakra), green aventurine (balances heart chakra), lapis lazuli (balances throat chakra), clear quartz (balances third eye chakra) and amethyst, which balances crown chakra.

Adjustable Chakra Diffuser Bracelet - $25.00 value!: Wear this chakra bracelet, which adjusts to fit all wrist sizes, to keep you balanced on-the-go. It can also be used as a diffuser bracelet, simply add a drop of your favorite essential oil to every third or fourth lava bead, and experience the benefits of oils all day long! Crystal beads are made from amethyst, lazurite, turquoise, green king stone, tiger’s eye amber and red agate. All stones are authentic, with the exception of the amber which is lab-created.

Chakra Crystal Pendant Necklace - $11.50 value!: This delicate necklace features amethyst, lazurite, turquoise, green king stone, tiger’s eye, amber and red agate to help safeguard your aura, ward off negative energy and keep your energy flowing free!


TREAT YOURSELF or GIVE THE GIFT of love, light, protection, and intention...

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