Jewelry.Yoga Alignment Box

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Get the hottest trends in jewelry with your very own bling box from!

Q. Intriguing… so what comes inside the box?

A. Inside each box, you’ll receive 2-3 hand-selected items from the collection that have a guaranteed total value of at least $50.

Q What makes this box so special when I can just order the jewelry on my own?

A. We thought you’d ask that! Well, by subscribing to our bling box, you’ll receive exclusive new items before they even appear on the website, rare pieces made specially for bling box subscribers, luxury jewelry, and limited edition items and accessories! Plus, if you're in the US, you'll receive your package in 4-5 business days AND we'll ship it for FREE!

Q. Who picks out the pieces each month?

A. We don’t leave this task up to just anyone! We have a dedicated team whose sole responsibility is to research the latest trends in jewelry, crystals, and healing jewelry. We also regularly consult popular fashion bloggers to stay on top of things, social media influencers to give us their honest, unbiased AF opinions, and yogis to, you know, keep it real.

Q. By subscribing, am I signing my soul over to

A. Friends don’t steal other friends’ souls. We are all about good vibes only! Your card will be charged $29.99+tax every month starting the day of your purchase. Your package will arrive in 4-5 business days. You can cancel at ANY time if you decide it’s not for you. And keep your soul right where it belongs.

Q. Anything else?

A. All of the items come in a stylish gift pouch, which you can use to keep your jewelry accessories, makeup, or anything you like all in one place for traveling. They also make perfect gifts, so if you can bear to part with one of your pieces, you’ll always have a gift handy for birthdays, holidays, friendversaries, or any other special occasion!

*Ships free within the US*
$10+ Canada/Mexico shipping
$15+ International shipping

Orders ship out within 24 hours of purchase. Your card will be charged $29.99+tax every month starting the day of your purchase. 

Shipping & Returns

Our philosophy is simple: YOU have to be happy with your purchase. That's it. If you're happy, we're happy.

If for any reason you're unhappy with this product, then please return it to us within 7 days for a full refund.

All orders are shipped within 24 hours after payment. You will be sent tracking information when it is shipped so you can track its arrival.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
This was not ordred

I cancelled last month and should not have received this box. Once again I will say CANCEL!!!!

First yoga jewelry box

I liked the bracelets very much but was disappointed with the necklace.

I had cancelled weeks prior and

should not have been charged for or received box. I'd like to return. Thank you.

great purchase

Loved the stuff I got this is amazing waiting to see what I get next.


I am ALWAYS pleased on anything I purchase from ... but this time, they REALLY outdid themselves! The bracelets are so so pretty & the necklace is elegant & dainty. Thank you AGAIN for quality, beautiful products!